Fifth Graders Set Many Firsts

When Head of Lower School David Lowell welcomed the fifth graders to their promotion ceremony on June 16, he pointed out that group of students has had many unique experiences:
  • They are the only fifth grade class to have gone on a weeklong trip to Camp Orkila without any previous school overnight experience
  • They are the only fifth grade class that had to show such flexibility and creativity with their play and bell choir performances due to classmates’ absences caused by the pandemic
  • They are the only fifth graders to serve as mentors for classes across the Lower School, only to have their mentoring cut short by the rise of a new variant
These students are also the first, David remarked, to offer another grade their suggestions to another class, the fourth grade, as they embarked on their own overnight trip:
“Have fun and enjoy being in the moment.”
“Trust yourself and take risks.”
“Get to know your classmates better.”
This group of students also offered words of wisdom about building community to the whole Lower School during the course of the year. Through their insight, David shared, the fifth graders are “helping guide us where we most need to go, guiding us toward hope and healing after the challenges of the pandemic, guiding us toward rebuilding our sense of community, belonging and self by calling out the need to: grow our community, be our best selves, use the power of our voice, action and love, create our legacy.”
Before presenting the students with their certificates of promotion, David closed his remarks with the fifth graders' own words, the final lines of their class plays:
“And that’s how it ends, with an unlikely group of heroes who saved the world.” –teacher Jen Doyle’s class
“They made sure that the power of the beans (human beans) was used only to maintain peace and prosperity for everyone” –teacher Leah Wyllie’s class
“We’re out of here!” –teacher Linda True’s class
Congratulations, fifth graders, and thank you for sharing your personal insights with us! We appreciate your wisdom and thoughtfulness as you prepare to begin your next adventure.